Eligibility & Submission Process

Please read all the instructions, requirements and eligibility sections to make sure your campaign qualifies before submitting. To submit an entry you have to create an account, fill out the forms and upload your creative assets. Then, we will contact you via email for payment. 

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at info@hispanicmarketingcouncil.org or by phone at 703 745-5531.


  • Best Hispanic Cultural Insight – when a Hispanic insight is inspiring a Hispanic targeted campaign;
  • Mainstream Impact – when a Hispanic or multicultural insight impacted the mainstream market campaign;
  • Impact on Innovation – when a Hispanic or multicultural insight led to an innovation in a new product, service or brand offering;
  • Pro-Bono – when a Hispanic or multicultural insight led to a targeted pro-bono cause related program addressing multicultural community needs;
  • Shopper AND/OR Experiential Impact – when a Hispanic or multicultural insight is effectively applied in the design and execution of a shopper, lifestyle, experiential, or promotional live activation program;
  • Media Connections & Content Strategy Impact – when Hispanic or multicultural insights are applied to targeted connections and/or content strategies that drive effective cultural reach and engagement;
  • Content Creator & Consumer Engagement Strategy – When Hispanic or multicultural insights are used to develop a content creator/influencer marketing program targeting key consumers;
  • Creative Ingenuity – When a creative campaign activates a courageous and/or unexpected interpretation of a Hispanic or multicultural insight and brief. Creativity is the craft of applying art to purpose, as such this category seeks to celebrate ingenuity of purpose in the art of the work.


These awards are open to all U.S.-based companies. 



Quality of the strategic process, depth of thinking, and originality of crafted insight – 40%
Linkage between strategy and creative concept – 40%
Impact on the market – results, repercussions – 20%


Stage I – A jury of thought leaders from the multicultural marketing and advertising community, including strategists, creative directors, and leading marketing professionals from the client side will receive all entries for their individual review and evaluation based on a previously established scoring criteria. In this first stage the jury will decide which of the entries will be short-listed for the next stage.

Stage II – All members of the jury meet to evaluate and select award winners.

This stage will have three clear goals:

Goal 1 – reevaluation and confirmation of short list.
Goal 2 – decide awards selection: gold, silver or bronze.
Goal 3 – determine if a gold winner is worthy and rises to a Best of Show or Grand Prix status.

All winners from Stage II / Session 2 will be notified via e-mail.

Each good, silver, bronze, honorary mention winner will be recognized on Hispanic Marketing Council website.

All gold winners will be advised immediately of their wins and be expected to provide a 2 minutes case video as well as participate in a live panel session as part of the HMC Annual Summit.


  • Between 2 and 4 individual creative elements per entry.
  • A maximum of 2 individual creative elements per medium.
  • 2 minutes case film summarizing your entry and showcasing the key creative elements is encouraged.
  • A one (1) page digital presentation image summarizing case study highlights, results and creative is encouraged.
  • Media submissions should include a one (1) pager with a basic flowchart and any desired additional charts.
  • Experiential submissions should include one (1) pager with key images and layouts of your footprint design.
  • File formats must be MP4 (TV, radio, online audio and video), and PDF (Print, outdoor, online banners). Video attachments may be hosted on a video site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Maximum file size is 10MB per piece.

Entries submitted outside of these formats and guidelines will not be accepted. Click here to view a sample form (written case study form).

The designated contact person must be available for questions prior to the judging sessions and most importantly during the judging sessions in case the jury needs clarification.

You may submit more than one entry, but each entry must be submitted with its own entry form and written case study along with its creative materials and its own entry fee.

All nominations, information and materials received/submitted for this award program are the sole property of Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) are authorized to edit and publish the complete entry and accompanying creative materials.


$200 for HMC members and $250 for non-members.